Recent SEO Google Algorithm Updates

Google is largely centered on bettering its web search results for the benefit of online users as well as keeping track of the changes taking place in the Google Search Algorithm updates which channelize the SERPs ranking mechanisms. HighMark SEO has done some excellent research on recent changes to the google algorithm.

Here are a couple of recent SEO Google algorithm updates:

1. Google Hummingbird Update

Around August 2013, Google Hummingbird Update was introduced as a new search algorithm for Google whose role in deciding a website’s ranking is quite significant. It consists of over two hundred factors which can affect the search results as well as website rankings. The changes made in Hummingbird which were the biggest were its capability of keeping a keen eye on mobile marketing, due to the recent boom in smartphone purchasing which had taken place over the last few years, this is not surprising.

Its ability to be precise as well as fast is where the name “Hummingbird” comes from; its design is mainly to focus on phrases or keywords meanings instead of individual keywords. To decipher a certain phrase´s meaning, Hummingbird looks over the entire phrase. With Google Hummingbird SEO updates it is a lot easier for pages to match the meaning and do better in search results. HighMark SEO has also done quite a bit of research to determine what how to naturally write useful content that can be used by both human readers and read and organized by google’s search engine bots.

Recent SEO Updates Related to Hummingbird
• To ensure the search results are better, there is now the use of Knowledge Graph facts.
• Effectiveness of keywords that are Long-Tail.
• Billions of pages all across the web have undergone the application of meaning technology.
• Easy to recognize when there is keyword stuffing.

2. Google Penguin Update

In April 2012 the Penguin Update was propelled by Google as a way of catching the websites which were spamming the search results from Google. The main purpose of this update was to decrease the search rankings of websites which are in violation of Google’s Webmaster guidelines as well as those who use Black-hat SEO techniques as a way of artificially increasing the rankings on their websites. This is done either by obtaining or purchasing links with the use of some black-hat practices.

The main reason that this update was put in place was to penalize all websites who use techniques that are manipulative as a way of achieving the desired high rankings. According to estimates made by Google, approximately 3.1% of search queries in English are influenced by penguin, when it comes to queries in other languages such as Arabic, German and Chinese, approximately 3% are affected and in language categories which are “highly spammed,” the percentage is even much larger.

Normally sites which were pre-Penguin used some external link building tactics which were negative as a way of ranking good in SERPs and therefore boost their traffics. That being said, on Penguin was introduced it implied that content was of extreme importance and that those whose content is incredible will be recognized; however, those with spammy or not much content would be punished.

It is crucial that search professionals keep themselves up to date on all of the latest SEO updates.


Google Algorithm Change History


SEO Ranking Factors

There are many SEO ranking factors that you need to be aware of if you want a website to get more visitors. This article will list some of the important ones so you can research them further and then use these ranking factors to improve your site’s rankings. Then, you will enjoy an increase in website visitors.

Before we get into the most critical ranking factors, we will start with a general explanation of what SEO is. HighMark SEO Digital Marketing Agency does a great job of explaining that.

Links And Content

Two of the top ranking factors according to Search Engine Land are links and content. What do links have to do with your website’s ranking? Well, if authority websites link to your page, then you can count on Google to improve your ranking. It’s much like word of mouth advertising, where if people are talking about you then you get more business because of it. You can ask big authority sites in your niche to feature your links and can make sure the content you put online is good enough for people to share.

Content is a big part of SEO, and for a good reason. A while back all you had to do to rank high was to put a random block of text on your site that had a bunch of keywords in it. Now, Google can tell if your content is good and if people are staying on your page long enough to be reading it. The longer people stick around, the better. And, the better your content is, the higher you can expect to rank. Go look up any keyword you can think of, and for the most part, the top sites have the best content. HighMark SEO is also a great resource to check out for SEO research and ranking research.

Mobile User Experience

Are mobile users going to be able to use your site or will they back out because it’s not optimized for them? According to Search Engine Journal, there has been a shift towards ranking sites high that are mobile friendly. It makes sense because there are so many people that look up what they need to know on their phones. It can take time to get online on a computer, and in today’s fast-paced world smartphones and other small devices are quickly becoming the “in” thing to use. Web design Bedford Indiana can be a critical component of a positive mobile user experience.

What Not To Do!

You have to improve user experience, so they spend more time on your page. But, you cannot just use bots to do this. If you check out the site at, you will see that it says not to use artificial traffic tools. While a bot can make it look like you are getting users that are interacting with your pages, Google can quickly detect this kind of traffic. That’s why it is not a good idea to pay anyone for any black hat work to be done that doesn’t fit within the parameters of a legitimate website.

The SEO ranking factors that you were taught about here are useful when building or optimizing a website. If you use them properly, you’ll see the visitor count go up on any website.

We Are Back

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